EVS w Chorwacji, Spread the Word


EVS w Chorwacji to wspólna propozycja organizacji Carpe Diem udruga za poticanje i razvoj kreativnih i socijalnih potencijala djece, mladih i odraslih we współpracy z Fundacją Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego. Zgłoszenia należy dokonać wysyłając CV w języku angielskim na adresy mailowe: natalia.podbielska@frsp.eu oraz evs@carpediem.hr (Zgłoszenia należy wysłać na oba adresy mailowe!)

W tytule wiadomości należy wpisać EVS Spread the Word – Karlovac, Polish candidate. Inne aplikacje nie będą rozpatrywane.

Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 29 marca 2017r.

W treści wiadomości mailowej koniecznie prosimy dodać informację:
Sending organization: Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego
Acronym: FRSP
Adress: Warszawska 6, 311 room, 40-006 Katowice, Silesia region, POLAND
PIC: 934141623
Accreditation number: 2015-1-PL01-KA110-014455
EVS coordinator
Natalia Podbielska
My sending organization is able to apply with the project to the Polish NA for the nearest deadline

Organizacja koordynująca i przyjmująca: Carpe Diem udruga za poticanje i razvoj kreativnih i socijalnih potencijala djece, mladih i odraslih
Miejsce: Karlovac, Chorwacja
Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 29.03.2017
Rozpoczęcie wolontariatu: 01/10/2017
Zakończenie wolontariatu: 30/09/2018
Czas trwania: wolontariat długoterminowy, 12 miesięcy
Dostępne wolne miejsca: 2 wolontariuszy

project description
This a long-term EVS project lasting 12 months which will take place in Karlovac (Croatia). Main topics of this project are youth information, creativity and culture.

Tasks of the volunteers are:
* providing face-to-face and online youth information (searching information about topics related to young people, posting these information online and/or writing articles about it)
* group youth information (presentations or interactive workshops about topics related to young people)
* making short videos (topics – mobility, diversity, creativity, art, etc.)
* developing own activities and projects

Volunteers will work 30 hours per week (6 hours per day) from Monday to Friday while weekends will be free. The work place is Youth Center Grabrik where the office of Carpe Diem (receiving and coordinating organization) is located and also where most of our activities take place.

accommodation, food and transport arrangements
Volunteers will share a flat with another EVS volunteer. The flat has three rooms and it is equipped with all necessary facilities (Internet, kitchen, bathroom, heating, hot water, furniture, linen, dishes, etc.). There is around 5 minutes walking distance between the flat and the Youth Centre where the activities will take place. Each month volunteers will receive money for the food and additionally pocket money. Since Karlovac is a small town, there is no need to use public transport.

training during the project
Volunteers will attend on-arrival and mid-term training organized by Croatian NA where they will be able to meet other volunteers who are also doing their EVS in Croatia.
Once a week they will have Croatian language course.

volunteer profile
We are looking for young people aged 18-30 who are interested in youth work, have good communication skills, who are independent in individual work but who are also able to work in a team and willing to learn new things. They should also be responsible, reliable, open-minded, friendly and tolerant. The level of education and work experience is not important. However, volunteers should have knowledge and experience in making short videos.

how to apply
Interested candidates should send their CV and motivation letter in English to evs@carpediem.hr and to natalia.podbielska@frsp.eu. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for a Skype interview. When you apply please don’t forget to write the name of your sending organization.