Why is it worth volunteering at WUF11?
Volunteering at WUF11 gives you the opportunity to get involved in creating an international event attended by approx. 20,000 people from almost 150 countries. Volunteers have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge about the cities and their development at the social, economic and environmental level. It is also a chance to develop interests, communication or language skills and gain valuable work experience. Thank to volunteering you can meet many interesting people and make new friends.
All volunteers will receive the certificates which confirm their work at WUF11 and, those interested, a certificate of completed student internship.

Who can volunteer at WUF11?
WUF11 volunteer must be an adult (at least 18 years old on 1.05.2022) who speaks English on a conversational level. We are looking for people who know French, Spanish, Russian or German and other foreign languages. Familiarity with Katowice or Krakow would also be welcome.

Can minors become WUF11 volunteers?
We only accept applicants who, on 1.05.2022, are 18 at least. We cannot involve the minors.

Does a WUF11 volunteer need to know a foreign language?
We require volunteers to speak English well enough to have a conversation with event participants. Knowledge of other languages, especially French, Spanish, Russian, German or a sign language will be the advantage.

How to become a WUF11 volunteer?
The recruitment consists of 2 stages. 1- completing and sending the application (online), 2- an interview which takes place no later than 15 May 2022.

When will I find out if I become a WUF11 volunteer?
We will provide the initial information about the recruitment outcomes around 15.05.2022 whereas the final list of WUF11 volunteers will be launched by 30.05.2022.

Will WUF11 volunteers participate in training to prepare for the event?
Yes, we will invite all WUF11 volunteers to take part in the training. It will take place in Katowice in June. Information about the exact date and venue will be provided by 15.05.2022.

What activities will be carried out by WUF11 volunteers?
Volunteers will work, among others, at the conference venue, railway and bus stations, airports in Katowice and Cracow, around the conference venue and in the city. They will provide information about the events held at WUF11, give information and advice about public transport, make sure that conference participants feel „at home” in Katowice. They will also support people with disabilities. Volunteers will work in Katowice and Cracow.

Will volunteers work at the WUF11 conference venue?
Yes, we plan to involve volunteers at the conference venue.

When will volunteers work?
It depends on the demand and availability. Volunteers will be involved from 23.06.2022 while the end of their work is planned around 3.07.2022. The greatest number of volunteers will be involved at the WUF11 conference between 26.06 and 30.06.2022. They will work a double-shift system, each will last max. 8 hours.

Can I do a student internship as part of my volunteering?
Yes, it is possible to do a student internship while volunteering at WUF11. We will include information about the actual working time of a volunteer on the certificate.

Do the organizers cover the costs of insurance, accommodation and food for volunteers?
We provide all volunteer with a meal (meat or vegan dish), snacks, water and drinks throughout their work. We also provide all volunteers with the accident insurance for the duration of their volunteering at WUF11. Volunteers will also be able to use free transport accessible to all WUF11 participants (on the basis of an ID).
However, we do not reimburse travel costs (if volunteers are from other regions of Poland or from other countries). We do not provide accommodation and do not reimburse accommodation costs in Katowice or Krakow.

Are there special outfits for volunteers?
Yes, we provide special outfits for volunteers to make them visible to WUF11 guests.

Do volunteers receive any wages, prizes, souvenirs?
Volunteering is a form of conscious, voluntary and selfless social activity so volunteers are not paid for their work. To appreciate their commitment, we prepare goodbye gifts and certificates which will confirm their involvement in WUF11.